Established 2019

About Uppsala Roundnet Club

Everyone's welcome, no matter who you are or how you roll. Let's have some fun together!

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Better together
URoC's culture values unity—everyone has a voice, contributes, and is supported with humility and honesty. We prioritize fun, care, and ensuring everyone feels valued in our association.
Renew and improve
We aim for continual improvement in URoC. Our strong commitment to renewing and enhancing the association guides every decision. We work together to make URoC better, persisting through occasional setbacks with determination.
Sharing responsibility
Responsibility means deciding, implementing ideas, and leading. We delegate tasks to those who want to learn and grow. If mistakes happen, we support each other, collaborate, and learn.
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Meet our Team!

Behind the scenes we keep the ball rolling.

  • Benjamin


  • William


  • Anna

    Vice Chairman

  • Yazan

    Partnership & Events

  • Rina

    Secretary & Social Media

  • Philipp

    Website & Events